Candy floss machine

07 September 2021
Amara Kashif

Candy Floss

Candy floss is a candy that is made up by heating and dissolving sugar, spinning outwards through small holes in a candy floss machine. It’s a spun sugar confectionary that resembles cotton and candy floss usually contains small amounts of different food colors.


Candy floss was first made by dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C from Europe, in the nineteenth century (1897).

Names other than candy floss

In Australia Candy floss is also known as fairy floss. It is also commonly recognized as ‘cotton candy’ due to its resemblance with cotton.

Ingredients needed to make candy floss

It is very easy to make this fluffy spun sugar wrapped around a stick! All you need is a candy floss machine, some sugar, some food colors and Lollipop/ barbeque sticks. Hence, everything that is required to make candy floss is easily available at home for many of us. The only thing that is not present in most of the households is the candy floss machine, even that has been made easily available now. You can easily get the machine and enjoy tasty sugary sweets for the rest of your life! Once you get the machine all you have to do is add all the things in the machine and within 5 minutes your candy floss will be ready.

Structure of candy floss machine

Cotton candy machines usually come up with a spinning head enclosing a small sugar reserve bowl and a heater that is located near the rim to melt the sugar crystals.

Function of candy floss machine

The liquid sugar solidifies when it comes into contact with the air which is collected in the large bowl so one should let it at rest for a while. Then, the cotton like stuff will produce on the inner wall of the large bowl and then it can easily be collected on the stick.

Hence, making a cotton candy will become very easy if you get a cotton candy machine.